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REVIEW: Rimmel London’s Wonder Swipe & 2-in-1 Liner

This week’s been a long week and I was originally going to write this blog review yesterday but I was so sleepy that I decided to postpone it to today. Today’s post is a sponsored review of Rimmel’s Wonder Swipe & 2-in-1 liner I received as a complimentary gift from Influenster. Header photo is of my cat from Monday. He really wanted me to open the box so he could play with it
*Hopefully* next week I’ll be back on my regular blog schedule of Mondays & Wednesdays. Feel free to follow me here for future product reviews, photography posts, and other discussions!

I didn’t truly enjoy make-up until after my freshman year of college years ago. Over the past year, I’ve worn more make-up on a regular basis, while also starting to use up the last of my products. My goal is to start using more environmentally friendly brands and packaging. I also go for simplified looks (since I don’t go usually go out with lavishing looks).


Influenster is a reviewing and testing company that sends out “VoxBox’s” when you’ve been selected to review a product. They also have virtual campaigns to campaign in as well. This week, I got to use my complimentary Kohl’s cash for some light holiday shopping. That was a wonderful surprise that helped save me an extra $10 off the gifts I got!
On Monday, I received my first VoxBox in the mail and I waited till Thursday to try out the products I was sent. It looks a little smashed because the mailman managed to stuff it inside my little mailbox. I’m glad I spent Wednesday reading the label and doing a small sample of the products on my hands. This helped me feel more confident with using the mascara and liner on Thursday.

Wonder Swipe & the 2-in-1 Liner

Liner is one product I have hardly used, so using Rimmel’s 2-in-1 liner was a interesting learning process. Since I did not want to have a full heavy look with the liner, I did a light line across the top of the eyelids. I’d be willing to use other colors underneath the eye for on those special occasions I’d like to have more color.
I was sent the 006 “My Bae” shade, which is similar to the 2019 color of the year, coral. I will be applying a tad bit heavier look later this month, when I attend a friends concert for New Year’s Eve!
Mascara is always a pass or fail for me. For some odd reason fate always teases me every time I wear mascara. “Oh, you’ve got mascara on? Let’s have a crying or emotional day to truly test the smearing of the mascara!”
Every time, no joke. So this mascara passed my crying test on Thursday with flying colors!

Biggest complaint

I need to state this, because if I don’t, I’ll feel like my morals wouldn’t exist. Rimmel London still test their products on animals. I’ll use the product that was given to me, but the chances of me buying their products in-store are slim. Until Rimmel starts being cruelty-free,  I don’t think I’ll buy their products.

What I did enjoy with this product, was that this was a branch out of my normal make-up routine.

Just FYI, I need to let all my readers know that I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.Hence “review” being at the top of a title.
For those brands who would like me to review their products in a honest fashion, feel free to email me at

For those of you who have improved on applying mascara and eye liners, what advice would you give to a beginner? Let’s chat in the comments below and I wish you a wonderful week!

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