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Hello, Friday! I hope you have had a productive week, and you know what this weekend is? The first weekend of Spring. My garden has started sprouted indoors, and hopefully by April I can transplant them to the containers outside, on my balcony/porch/little square of a place for fun things (I live on the third floor, so I have little room).

This past Monday, I wrote a small article about my favorite YouTubers. Today, I will branch from that article, and now talk about my favorite people I follow on Twitter and Facebook. This one is quite short as well, because I have so many people I’d love to recommend, but that list is long!


I have two twitter accounts. The first one, is for professional writing & life things. This one I have had since 2009, and I went through in January, and deleted all my tweets over the years. The second twitter account, is for all my sports talk and wrestling non-sense. I decided to separate the two, so my timelines could stay a part from each other, as well as consistent with what each account is for. I will share both favorite Twitter people from both accounts today. You’ll be able to see which one is the sports one, and which one is personal.

Fleming Outdoors– I went to college with Fleming for a year, and now since he has graduated with his Bachelor’s, he started a outdoor Twitter account. I love going out into nature once a week, and soon I hope to go camping. While I don’t fish like I use to when I was a kid, I do appreciate the information he shares.

Elizabeth- Elizabeth wrote a book about her life before and after her husband passed away. Beauitful book that I got to read in 2015. We have hung out a few times over the past few years, and she also keeps her social media presence positive, as well.

Twin Flame 11:11– As I have started working on my inner, and higher self, Cassidy’s blog and twitter account is for helping humans evolve. If you haven’t looked into Twin Flames or soulmates, go do that sometime. My world was opened up last year because of it (and, I have started living a more positive lifestyle).

Astropoets– This account is great for weekly poetry for astrology. I love reading the tweets and laughing at the accuracy. #GeminiCancerCuspChild

Neil deGrasse Tyson– In December, I read his book, Astrophysics for People in a Hurry. I was following him before that, but Astronomy is still my favorite science subject, hands down.

The New Age Insiders, DDT Wrestling, Rant With Ant– I have been a wrestling fan for ten years now. I discovered NAI via Twitter two years ago, when I was just returning to watching the current wrestling program, and the New Age Insiders have improved my wrestling & entertainment experience since then. The three accounts all blend in to the same category, which is how the NAI Neighborhood was started.

Other sports twitter accounts: What a Maneuver, All-In, Mania Club, etc. There’s so many (not including individual fan accounts) that I follow. Sports is fun, y’all

For all my writers, authors, and friends I also follow on Twitter- keep up the great work. I follow you for a reason, and I enjoy creating positive feelings on social media.


This one, is a smaller group of people I follow. I do have my own Facebook page, but I’ve kept it quite for the past week. Here are a few pages I enjoy seeing on my news feed:

Ironically, we met at one of my jobs, and we exchanged information. She lives in Oklahoma City, and we both enjoy blogging about the same things (Universe, life, etc.). I hope to hangout with her soon, because I want to go to an Emporium with her soon. 

Corrie Reagan 
This artist is truly a talented artist. I saw one of her works featured in a tea house I used to frequent. I haven’t been able to see anymore of her work, but it’s beautiful what she has created.

Do you have any favorite Twitter accounts or Facebook page’s, that help foster a positive environment? Feel free to share them in the comment section, and I hope to see you back here next week. Wanna follow me on Twitter? Here’s a link to my professional account.


3 thoughts on “Feature Friday”

  1. Hi, Danielle. Thank you again for reading my first blog post.
    I’m wondering if you’ve read any books by Elizabeth Clare Prophet? I purchased and read the Kindle version of a little more than a handful of her books 7 years ago when I was on my own personal journey. She writes about twin flames.

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