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Hello, from wherever you are reading this! I hope you are excited for Spring approaching. I am most definitely. As a gardener, I love being able to begin growing food and flowers on my little patio porch. This blog I wanted to write months ago, and I am finally getting around to it. Today’s article will be a short list of who I enjoy following on YouTube. If you use YouTube as a entertainment source or as a learning tool, it can be useful for growing your brand, or who you are. 

Top favorite

Ralph Smart, Infinite WatersRalph Smart is a Psychologist, Life Coach, and personable-infinite being. He’s doing videos about becoming your greatest version, breaking through depression, and more. I actually have an entire playlist of videos I need to watch of his, so I can learn more about myself, and how to work with different situations in life.


Tarot Reading

I have two for this list and I discovered both channels around the same time. The first one, is Arwen Lynch. She does weekly tarot readings (Joy Seeker Tribe) as well as weekly affirmations. The affirmations are the ones that I find truly helpful each week. For example, last week’s affirmation was “Today, I embrace the sweetness of my world.”

Another favorite of mine, does individual horoscope tarot readings for each sign. As a Gemini-Cancer Cusp child, I watch the Gemini one (because that’s the one I relate to most). Elisa Jane keeps it real for each sign and does reading for the 1-15th of each month, followed by one from the 15-30/31st of each month.

Language Learning

I used this one for a few days in college, when I was studying German. Pulcino Pio, is a cute little baby chicken who helps you learn basic phrases in German, Spanish, English, and more. While I haven’t been refreshing up on any German lately, I do enjoy listening to the cute songs when I am bored (and would like a refresher on the jingles).


Life & Relationship Coach

I have been following Matthew Hussey for over three years, and while I haven’t been watching as many videos of his like I use to, I do go back and re-watch ones I know that have helped me out in the past.

Writing discussions

There are two for this category: the National Novel Writing Month  channel, and Dianna Gunn’s channel.

Dianna Gunn, I found via a blog hop over two years ago. I went back through, and watched her videos on writing advice, and creativity tips. I have found them quite handy for when I feel stuck, creatively.


Other Channels

I follow over 200 channels, but I don’t watch every video. Because I enjoy watching WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) three-four channels are revolved around sports. Some of my music channels I follow has changed, now since I have Spotify Premium. I have also, started spending less time online, and more time outdoors (since Spring has started to return).

And yes, I have a YouTube channel as well, but I haven’t been using it lately. Maybe one day, I’ll get around to uploading a video. For now, I’ll keep writing.

Here’s a link to my channel. 


What are some of your favorite YouTubers? If you would like to share any with the YouTube community, share them in the comment section below.

Thank you for visiting this short blog, and I hope you have a fantastic week! 

Danielle (link to Twitter account)


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