Side note

My life has taken a dive into the deep end.

Being back in Oklahoma, the plan I had worked out earlier this summer didn’t workout. Realizing (yet again) that I’m not in charge of my overal path.

Someone higher and greater (or greater and higher) than me is. And that’s okay.

I don’t have a laptop (NaNoWriMo should be fun). So when I first wrote this out by hand, I had the words “higher” and “greater” in different order. Whichever way you wish to read it, the message is still the same.

Mood is quite humorous, too. I just got a voicemail that the appointment I requested to be done in Texas can now be scheduled. Now since I’m in anothe state, I get to call back and tell them about the change of plans.

I’m still excited about where my life is going even during my moments of doubt. Personally, I like to figure out where those messages of doubt stem from. The pattern has been from childhood and even a critical inner voice. The past month has brought those truths to light, and now I am aware of another change I can work on.

Oh, and on a side note, I am very grateful for silence.

This one word can drive people insane. If you were to tell someone to “sit in since and listen to there thoughts (or thinking patterns)” a large portion of people wouldn’t be able o tune out the different “voices” in their mind. For example, the negative one, the shameful one, etc.

Could that possibly be because as a society we are not asked, or trained, to sit in silence?

The other trick, however; is to not act on your inner critique or inner voice. Rather, just have a friendly conversation with yourself. Or God-that works, too.


Hence why why I love cats.


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