Two cute photos and one important message

Cute animals are always the sunshine to my day. ❤


08.2019 Cosmetics

You read the caption correctly.The make-up and beauty products I used in August.


A Foggy Day (in London Town)

Monday's fog rolled in and stayed in for a little while.

Am Writing

Podcast Recommendations

The eleven podcasts I listen to that keeps me sane for the 12 hours I spend commuting each week.

Am Writing

TBR 09.2019

One book down, one to go!



Three pieces of art that stole my heart.


Simple Reminders

It's a random photo of a message that caught my attneiton in a university parking lot.

Am Writing, Life, Taking Inventory Series


After a week off and a day later, here's a look at what went on in my world in August and what's planned for September.