Photo edits

A before and after photo of a neat plant in my sister's bathroom in Texas.


In the City

Darkness rolls in around the city, as we all prepare for severe weather from last week.

Am Writing

Books I read in May

Two books completed and one book still working through.

Am Writing

Part Seven: The Future

Today's blog wraps up this month's discussion about teaching and education and what better way to wrap-up this mini series by talking about the importance of the future and the education of the future generations.

College, Life

Part Six: Environmental Classroom

The struggles of transitioning to a Eco-friendly classroom as a student and a teacher.

College, Life

Part Five: Top 5 Lessons

The top five lessons I've had as a student and a teacher during May's Teaching and Education miniseries.

College, Life

Part Four: Anxiety

Test and performance anxiety history and the methods I use to chill out.


Midnight Sun

Double featured posting day, featuring a winter photo from last year.


Part Three: Dear Parents

A letter to all parents.