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Sharp Objects (BOOK REVIEW)

This mentally unstable book is dangerous and I think I understand why I avoid books like these.

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Books acquired in 2018

Thank goodness I own two bookshelves.

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18 Dramatic Situations (Part Three)

Today's blog post is a part three analysis of the 36 dramatic situations and instead of making a part four I decided to combine the last eighteen situations into one post..

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8 Dramatic Situations (Part Two)

Let’s take a look at the next eight dramatic situations, as recently updated by Mike Figgis.

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8 Dramatic Situations (Part One)

e. I'll be posting blogs dissecting the 36 dramatic situations over the next two weeks. This project will lead into next week's blog schedule as well, so be prepared for several parts with this topic.

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REVIEW: Rimmel London’s Wonder Swipe & 2-in-1 Liner

Today's post is a sponsored review of Rimmel's Wonder Swipe & 2-in-1 liner I received as a complimentary gift from Influenster.

Taking Inventory Series


*Insert classic statement about the ending of another year here*