Why I keep my distance from my dad

Forgiveness isn't easy. I don't have any advice for forgiving someone for damage they caused. Each person finds a way to forgive what needs to be forgiven. Mine just happened to take a decade.

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Barracoon Book Review

This is why we study history in school- to learn from our mistakes.


Menstrual Cycles are the WORST

Let's say a cycle is seven days each month and you use an average of two pads in a day. Fourteen pads in one cycle. Fourteen times 12 equals 168. In one year, you would spend $54 on 180 pads. Buying even just one reusable cloth pad can reduce the amount of waste of 180 pads and even save you $35 in one year alone.


Friday’s & Frankenstein

Hello and welcome to yet another book review. In May, I was able to read Frankenstein in two weeks. While it was the only book I got to read in May, it didn't stop me from listening to audio book on my commute to work. Usually I post book reviews on Wednesdays, but I wanted to… Continue reading Friday’s & Frankenstein


Mental Health Part One: A History

Good morning or good evening, from wherever you are reading this. Today's blog is about the state of my own mental health five years ago, one year ago and where I am at right now. Personally, I know I still have a ways to go. This is the first time in a while where I've… Continue reading Mental Health Part One: A History

Taking Inventory Series


Did someone say summertime- welcome to the halfway point of 2018! This taking inventory series is an adaptation from Keria Lenox's blog. I have decided to remove one or two things this month, since what I eat or drink never changes. This is now my tenth month to publish these blogs. My writings blogs vary from lifestyle… Continue reading 06.2018