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I can write blogs easily with sports on in the background. If its novel writing, I either have no music or a Deep Focus playlist from Spotify.


HRC Harry Potter Summer Reading Challenge

The idea is simple: you read books one through seven, the Hogwarts Library, and the Cursed Child between May 1- August 31st. Bonus if you get to read the Fantastic Beast screenplay before the challenge ends.


LGBTQIA Questionnaire

Hello, and welcome to my multi-layered, multi-dimensional blog. Today's discussion is about LGBTQIA novels, with a link to the survey I created a few weeks back (at the end of this blog). As always, feel free to follow me on my blog (hosted by WordPress) or via my Facebook page!  Complaints One of the biggest… Continue reading LGBTQIA Questionnaire

Am Writing


I’m still drinking more Iced Chai Tea Latte’s over regular coffee. Except on the days that it rains, then I switch to rose tea or dark roast coffee. Refreshers are my friend!


The Female Persuasion Book Review

Not every male human is a terrible human being who has to go through several life lessons. Personally, I felt that the men weren't treated fairly in this book