Believing in Humanity

Hello, from wherever you are reading this! This is another short blurb about some of the nice people I have met over the years and the small impact they have had on my life. I am starting to write lifestyle articles, so if you would enjoy to follow my blog, feel free to here on… Continue reading Believing in Humanity


Poetry Book Review

Hello and welcome to my small book/lifestyle blog. I hope you are enjoying your spring season and with it being April, it is National Poetry Month. A colleague of mine, Keith Williams, published his first poetry book in February and when I finally got around to reading it, I fell in love with it. About every… Continue reading Poetry Book Review


Eco Friendly Products I Use

Reduce  Reuse Recycle Hello from wherever you are reading this from! This blog post is being published written later than it should've been, but here it is! Over two years ago, I wrote a blog about living an Eco-friendly lifestyle. At the time, I had only just started to transition to a healthier lifestyle. Now… Continue reading Eco Friendly Products I Use

Am Writing

Lost Boy book review

Hello, from wherever you are reading this! Today's blog is still on time, but being released later in the day. Last month, I read a book that was recommended to me by a co-worker. Next week's book review, is about my friends poetry book. If you would like to follow me for more book reviews,… Continue reading Lost Boy book review


April’s Goals

It's a new week, and I just got around to making my goals for this month. Just so you know, you can always follow me here on WordPress, as I write at least three articles a week. This weeks articles are about the goal setting process I take, and to keeping it simple.  It took… Continue reading April’s Goals


Wrestling & Me

Happy Friday! Today's article is something I usually don't write about here. I have a separate Twitter account for this discussion, because I understand that not everyone likes sports. I have geared most of my writings towards the literature and lifestyle portion of blogging, and you can always follow me here on WordPress, email, or… Continue reading Wrestling & Me

Am Writing

New Author Book Blurb

Hello, and welcome to this week's book discussion! For the past few weeks, I've been able to write book reviews on every Wednesday, so I hope to continue to with this momentum for the rest of the month. Today's review is over a book I did a Facebook live book review over, but because of… Continue reading New Author Book Blurb

Life, Taking Inventory Series


Welcome in the first official full month of Spring!  If you are new to my blog, then feel free to follow my blog for literature & lifestyle blog topics. Ever since September, I’ve been writing monthly insights on what’s going on in my world. I have been able to write book reviews for the past three… Continue reading 04.2018