Camp NaNoWriMo Goals for April

Are you excited for the new month approaching in a couple of days? I sure am, because March was a whirlwind of car stuff, money, and life events! Feel free to follow me here on my blog, as I write about writing, lifestyle, and other various subjects. One day, I want to provide a downloadable… Continue reading Camp NaNoWriMo Goals for April

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Go Set A Watchman (Book Review)

Hello, from wherever you are reading this! I hope you have enjoyed the first few days of Spring, and are looking forward to anytime that can be spent outdoors. Earlier this month, I read Go Set A Watchman, by Harper Lee. On Wednesdays, I enjoy releasing any book reviews I have for that week. This… Continue reading Go Set A Watchman (Book Review)

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Basic Blogging Advice

Hello, from wherever you are reading this article! I hope all is well, and that you are excited for this week's productivity. Today's article is focused on what  I have noticed, as a blogger. My blog has changed a lot over the past year alone, and while change is scary-sometimes its necessary. If you would… Continue reading Basic Blogging Advice

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Feature Friday

Hello, Friday! I hope you have had a productive week, and you know what this weekend is? The first weekend of Spring. My garden has started sprouted indoors, and hopefully by April I can transplant them to the containers outside, on my balcony/porch/little square of a place for fun things (I live on the third… Continue reading Feature Friday

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Milk & Honey

My biggest issue with poetry in general, is reading it in a similar style and symmetry. This book allowed me to read the poems in a new style, refreshing my love with writing.

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Favorite YouTubers

Today's article will be a short list of who I enjoy following on YouTube. If you use YouTube as a entertainment source or as a learning tool, it can be useful for growing your brand, or who you are. 


A Young Adult’s Budget

While I won't go into detail about how much I make, or how much I owe, I will talk about changing negative money habits to positive money behaviors.  


Vintage Book Review

About twice a month, I write a book review for whichever book I've completed the month before. Earlier this week (on a day that I got sick) I did a Facebook live video that is weird and out of place. The video is a book review (that I might end up writing about, because the… Continue reading Vintage Book Review


Being a Day Person & Productivity

Hello, from wherever you are reading this! Were you able to spring forward yesterday?  I love this Spring Daylight Savings Time change, because I can spring forward an hour (thus, gaining an hour of productivity). Or sleep, sleep is always good too. If you are new to my lifestyle/literature blog, then feel free to follow… Continue reading Being a Day Person & Productivity

Life, Taking Inventory Series


February was a testing month for me, especially the last two days.  March is also the time to start preparing my apartment garden, hence cultivating a new lifestyle.