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Being Who You Are

Hello, and welcome to this blog, Sullivan's writings! If you are new to my blog, I would like to welcome you, with honest sincerity. Today's topic is about relaxing in who you are as an individual and a human being (more importantly, a beautiful soul). If you would ever like to follow me, always feel… Continue reading Being Who You Are

Am Writing

Advice for Parents

When you hear a baby cry at a restaurant or a store, do you flinch and become upset? That was me, four years ago.


Creativity Hibernation

One day, you might be reading a book, and later that day, you could be going back over previous works of art. Taking small steps daily walks us towards our creative and personal goals.


The Power of Meditation

For those who do Yoga as a way to calm the mind (and to have a solid workout), meditation is similar. Except, there's hardly any physical exercise. Its all mental work, to improve your focus and state of mind.

Taking Inventory Series


I stopped stressing about making friends, and keeping them. My support network is improving.


Part Two: Night time Routine’s

Morning routine's help my calm my mind and kicks starts my day on a positive note. Night time routines though, is something new i started at the beginning of this year.