The Waiting Game & Change (NaNoWriMo edition).

This fall, I've started to embrace change that has begun. The most ironic thing about change, is the resistance to change. At the beginning, the change we start to see unfold, becomes harder and harder to embrace.  But this month, I have also had to play the waiting game on beginning my new life. Let's… Continue reading The Waiting Game & Change (NaNoWriMo edition).


Holiday Anxieties (NaNoWriMo edition).

These words are going towards my National Novel Writing Month word count goal. Luckily, these word will help me get over the 50K line. More about how I won next month! Earlier this year, I wrote a blog about being depressed around the winter season (read it here for reflection, if you'd like). While skimming… Continue reading Holiday Anxieties (NaNoWriMo edition).


What It’s Like To Live With Me (NaNoWriMo Edition).

I talk about some interesting traits about my personality, and these words are counting towards NaNoWriMo.

Am Writing


Hello! Welcome to my third month installment of the taking inventory series, where I write a blog (usually at the beginning of the month) and make note of how my life is. Imagine how different my life, or even yours will be in a few months from now, or even next year? I'll be excited… Continue reading 11.2017