Basic English Grammar: Nouns

Today's grammar review is all about nouns!


Living Alone & Meal Planning

Meal Planning + Living Alone = It's possible.

Am Writing

Kinda like it, kind don’t

In 600 words, I discuss and review Taylor Swift's new song Look What You Made Me Do.


Writing Advice for the Soul

Four fundamental advice tips I have for new and returning writers.


Becoming a Vegetarian

Header photo credit to Laurie Sites. She wrote some tips about being a vegetarian. Growing up on a ranch in Texas, I was always around cattle. Part of my chores was feeding them and my family would eventually send them of to be butchered. I knew that was a part of a cow's life span.… Continue reading Becoming a Vegetarian


2017 Resolutions Check-In

With only four months left in the year, where do I stand on my original 2017 resolutions I created back in January? Let's do a check-in and evaluate and see where I am.