Clean & Organized Home = Happy Home.

Friends and family are on there way to visit my house this weekend, and the end of the year is approaching. Charlotte, my cat, does not like the vacuum cleaner. She use to run around the house (when she wouldn't want to go outside) but now she sits on the Kitchen counter while I clean… Continue reading Clean & Organized Home = Happy Home.

Am Writing

The best photo I took this year

The best moments come unexpectedly. And no, its not the header photo, which I found on Google!   This summer, I got to go to New York City, New York for a internship if you will. Spending thirteen days in the city, eleven days were actually spent working at the Julliard School of Music, under… Continue reading The best photo I took this year


2016 NaNoWriMo Victory and Statistics

This one's going to be brief, but let's "talk" about the month that was November 2016. In November this year, I started a new job. I had been unemployed for about two months, so I'm really thankful for the income rolling in. My cat, whom I've now named "Charlotte" needs to be taken to the… Continue reading 2016 NaNoWriMo Victory and Statistics